Mega Fortune jackpot reaches over £5 000 000!

Mega Fortune is one of the most famous jackpots in the online gambling world, and currently holds the highest paid online jackpot amounts in online world of gambling! The game comes from NetEnt. Whenever you spin in this game, a % of your bet amount goes directly into the progressive jackpots that are displayed above the reel. The biggest part obviously goes to the mega jackpot and then a smaller portion goes into the other 2 jackpots that are smaller but a bit more frequently paid out.

To win the jackpot in Mega Fortune, you first need to win the bonus game in the base game of the slot machine, to do this, 3 bonus symbols has to be present on 3 consecutive reels, it doesn’t have to be in a payline, but they have to be on consecutive reels. When inside the bonus game, a wheel with 3 layers are presented to you. The outermost part of the wheel starts spinning, and there is also a pointer to the left of the wheel.

Keep an eye on the pointer, the symbol that the pointer is pointing to when the wheel stops is the outcome of the bonus game. As you can see, the wheels contains arrows and cash winnings, if you win cash prices, you are directly sent back to the base game of the slot machine. If you hit an arrow then the next layer of the wheel starts spinning. On this layer you have the chance to win the rapid jackpot, which is the smallest jackpot in the slot machine. The same mechanics go on again, if you make it to the next wheel you have a good chance of winning the bigger jackpots. The arrow on the last layer wins you the mega jackpot, which is the highest jackpot ever paid!

If you are into jackpot games and haven’t yet tried Mega Fortune, don’t wait anymore and take a shot at those huge jackpots! Note that when the jackpot rises above a certain amount, the theoretical payout of the slot goes over 100%, so in the long run (very long run in this case), if you only play Mega Fortune when the jackpot amount is above a certain amount, then you will end up with more money than you started with in the long haul. We don’t have the exact figures of what the jackpot amount needs to be unfortunately, but we are guessing that its around 6 million pounds, so keep an eye on the slot machine now and go for it!

We hope you had a great week-end! Best of luck!