Online casino sites getting ready for Guns N Roses release!

Guns N Roses is due for next week and we are so excited! This slot machine is going to be really interesting to play with real money and the online casinos out there are surely going to give you a really good start by giving out free spins and other casino bonuses! Guns N Roses slot is estimated to be one of the best slot machine launches of 2015 so we are really looking forward to see what the online casinos are doing around it in terms of promotions and such! just announced their plans for this amazing game release, this is very surprising seeing that they already have an automatic retention system! All through January Kaboo has been running a long campaign, that is still running for that matter, called BOOLEAN BOOTCAMP! Below are some further details on what this campaign will include for the next week, you will see that this promotion includes some valuable free spins for the Guns N Roses release so don’t miss out!

On the 18th of January, all players will be given 10 free spins! Yes, every single player out there gets 10 free spins to play with, so make sure to register here before the 18th so that you don’t miss this free bonus!

On the 20th, you can set yourself up for a total of 60 free spins on Guns N Roses which is being released on the 21st of January! You can either deposit 20, 30 or 60 GBP and receive 10, 20 or 60 free spins on this exciting online slot machine the next day! As you can see, depositing £60 gives you the best deposit/free spins ratio!

You can receive even more free spins on Guns N Roses on during the week-end between the 22nd-24th of January! Wager and get free spins according to the below legend:

Wager £50 and get 10 free spins!
Wager £100 and get 20 free spins!
Wager £200 and get 40 free spins!
Wager £500 and get 100 free spins!

The free spins will be credited on the 25th, what a great promotion to accompany the day everyone is waiting for – the payday!

Incinerator from Yggdrasil is being released on!

Worth to mention, even though it won’t be going anywhere near Guns N Roses in terms of popularity, is Incinerator from Yggdrasil! The slot has new interesting functionality where it shows you a set of positions that can be transformed into WILD symbols IF you manage to have the slot cascade 3 times!

Cascading means that winning combinations on the slot gets removed from the reel-set and all symbols above falls down to fill those spots, this creates a number of unfilled positions in the upper reels of the slot which is then being re-filled with new symbols! If you manage to get the video slot to cascade 3 times in the same spin, the pattern highlighted to the left will be turned into wilds on the next round!

Unfortunately Incinerator won’t be available for UK players until after Yggdrasil have completed their UK license, however they started this process around 1 month ago, so soon enough you should also be able to join in on their fun games!

We also hope that you had a great new year, and that your Christmas celebrations were amazing!