Secrets to winning on slot machines

How to win at slots? Using a special slot machine strategy to play at online casinos can be a great way of improving your player experience even further, feel free to play around with any one of these at any of the listed casinos to have a maximized chance of winning big and having a great time! Now to describe strategies we should firstly go into how slot machines work and why it could be increasingly fun to use different betting strategies to increase or decrease certain aspects or thoughts behind a specific slot machine.

Slot machine strategy at online casino

Before going into betting strategies, we need to understand a few things about online slot machines in order to understand why there is a point in using betting strategies. In slot machines there are usually a pay table displaying what certain slot symbols pay out, how game bonus features works, and if you can win free spins or other bonus games in the slot, however it doesn’t really describe how often certain events can happen, such as getting the highest paying symbol throughout a full payline.

Now without getting to scientific we can tell you in a very easy way that some online slot machines pay low, but pay often. Other slot machines pay not as frequently, however when they do that, payouts are extremely high. In between these very basic ways of describing volatility and how slot machines work, there is a whole spectrum of interesting, mathematical casino models that are incorporated with the slot machines graphics and sounds to create a great online gambling experience that is open to us all!

How to win on slot machines? First betting

If you made your way to one of our listed casino sites and used one of their awesome welcome slot bonuses, you can end up with a long and entertaining casino session.

Here at, we prefer spicing up our game play even further by using certain betting patterns to change a slots way of paying you out, now this doesn’t change the statistical pay out value, but let’s say you are already playing a very risky slot that doesn’t pay out very often, if you feel like you have a big enough bank roll to up the stakes even more, then instead of just increasing the bet amount to for example 20 pounds, instead you bet 10 pounds every other game round, and then bet 30 pounds every other game round.

If you win something big on your 10 pound bet, you might feel a bit disappointed, but that will still keep you playing for much longer, however if you end up hitting big with your big bet, you might not even get into work the next morning! This is just one of the ways making your game play more interesting and exciting.

Best way to win slot machines – Martingale system

Martingale system is a strategy that is initially made for Roulette and a few other table games. This strategy is very easy and basically means that you double your bet amount every martingale time you lose a bet. If you place a 5 pound bet on red in roulette, in this case if you win, you have made a profit of another 5 pounds, however if you lost this round, and bet 10 pounds (double the initial bet amount) on red in the next game round, if you win this time you have won in total 20 pounds, but you have placed 15 pounds in total, so you have made a profit of 5 pounds still.

If you have the philosophy that you can actually double up an infinite amount of times, then you can never loose right? Your profit will always be equal to the exact amount of what you placed as the initial bet, which is 5 pounds in this case. If we wish to implement this strategy to slot machines, we have to keep in mind that slot machines payout structure isn’t as simple as when betting on colors on roulette, in slot machines you might win then times your bet amount, or half of your bet amount, however if we are planning of playing for a longer time, you are for sure going to have a fun time implementing the martingale strategy on slot machines, simply because the more times you lose in a row, the more exciting it gets, and the more you wish for the big win to hit!

Keep in mind that even this strategy, or no other strategy for that matter, changes the theoretical payout of a slot machine. If you wish to start using strategies like these, we deeply recommend that you start off at one of our listed casino sites and use the exclusive welcome offers! If you join one listed casino sites and use any of the exclusive welcome bonuses, you are for sure going to increase your odds for winning big on slot machines.

How to beat slot machines with welcome offers?

This question might be hard to link to a strategy for slot machines, however keep in mind that if you want to be a successful gambler using slot machines, you have to take into account the good amount of extra bonuses a good casino site can give you, which in its turn gives you higher chances of winning big! Being a loyal player at a casino where you have had a good time for a while will give you back so much! Our listed casino sites provides great offers continuously to customers that stay, so if you wish to maximize your playing time and increase your chances of winning, always try to find an online casino site that gives you a great experience, and values a customer that is in it to win it! We can guarantee that our listed casino sites provides the best experience out there!

Can you really outsmart slot machines?

Our guide shows: the topic of tricking slot machines comes with some major hurdles. In fact, it has become almost impossible to trick slot machines. In the last decades, developers have learned a lot and nowadays they produce almost flawless machines online and offline.

Therefore, when playing, you should not focus on the questions of when the slot machines give the most or when is the best time to win in the arcade. You cannot influence the random number generator. Instead, in our guide you will find tips on how to win in the casino online. If you play the slots that are right for you, take advantage of their features and play with discipline, this is already half the battle for a successful game. Good luck for the other part!

How to win at slots? FAQ

How do I trick slot machines?

Both in an casino online or gambling hall, you can’t trick the slot machines at all, because they work almost flawlessly. Check our guide for tips on how to increase your chances of winning and get the most out of slots.

When do the machines pay the best?

There is no perfect time when the slots pay best. The slots use a random number generator that randomly determines the results around the clock.

How can I win on slot machines?

Basically, you get a win when at least three identical symbols appear in a played line from the far left to the right. In this article you will get tips on how to find the best slots in the casino online.

Which slot machines offer the best chances of winning?

Slot machines can differ in payout ratio (RTP) and volatility. The RTP describes the average payout percentage of your bets in the long run, while the volatility describes the regularity of payouts. You can usually find these details under slot table information.

Where can I find the best slots online?

We regularly review old and new slots online, examining various criteria of the games. Whether you want to test the slot for free first or prefer to wager real money right away, we have compiled the best recommendations for slots online you.